Bright orange hickenbottom inlet connected to drainage system

What is a Hickenbottom?

Hickenbottoms are drain inlets that can be utilized in a variety of commercial, recreational, agricultural, and municipal applications. Each Hickenbottom inlet is made of high-density polyethylene insuring the longevity and durability of the product. Just look for our signature bright orange color, it stands out against any landscape. Hickenbottom® Inlets are durable, easy to see, and easily maintained.

What are the most common applications for Hickenbottoms?

  • Parallel Terrace Outlets – Since they are bright orange, free-standing, and durable, Hickenbottom® inlets are easily seen and maintained.
  • Low-Spot Surface Inlets – With the Hickenbottom® inlet, the need for gravel fill is eliminated.
  • Catch Basins – A silt trap is not needed, because the inlet area is greater than the restricted outlet eliminating suction and trash plug-ups.
  • Infiltration Inlet Riser – A special inlet riser may be installed to maintain ponding at a certain level improving water filtration in semi-arid regions.

How easy is the installation?

All Hickenbottom® inlets, parts, tees, offsets, and risers snap together for installation ease, there is no need to hoist in concrete catch basins and no need to weld aluminum or steel pipe inlets. Markings on Hickenbottom® Inlets allow for easy cusomized height adjustments. Find the marking for the desired height and simply cut on the line.

What are the size options?

Hickenbottom® inlets are available in 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 24-inch diameters; and you may choose from 1-inch holes or 1-inch wide slots according to your project’s specifications. A plastic orifice plate may easily be cut to size to provide the required inlet capacity.