12 Inch Hickenbottom Standpipe


This section contains 1" holes and is used in standard conditions with 12" tile where a 12" x 1" flow rate is needed. A built-in adjustable restrictor is molded into the bottom of this unit.

12 Inch Hickenbottom Riser


This is a 12" x 5/16" holed orange section that is used underground from the tee as a riser extension. It can be cut at different locations (as marked on the section) to adjust the height.

12 Inch Hickenbottom tee


This is a blind tee that connects to 12" corrugated or dual wall tile. The bell of a 12" inlet tee fits over the outside of SDR.21 and SDR.26 gasketed bell ends.

Hickenbottom silt sock


Cubic feet / second Water Depth
1 ft
2 ft
3 ft
4 ft
5 ft
6 ft

Stock 12" Inlet with 72 ‐ 1.25" Holes/ft (ft3/s)

Water Depth Stock 12" Inlet with 72 ‐ 1.25" Holes/ft (ft3/s)
1 ft 0.98
2 ft 2.78
3 ft 5.12
4 ft 7.88
5 ft 11.01
6 ft 14.47

The capacity charts are based on the following assumptions:

  • 50% of the holes in the inlet are plugged.
  • There is no flow through the top of the inlet. The top of the inlet i either capped or the top of the inlet extends above the water elevation.
  • The perforations in the inlet extend as high as teh water depth.
  • The flow in the inlet is not restrited by any other component of the system. For example, flow is not restricted due to an orifice plate, and offset pipe that limits flow, or full pipe lfow in the mainline that could create a tailwater effect in the inlet.